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Validation of HTTPS connection uses a certificate signed by COMODO, but for additional security it can also be authenticated through the OpenPGP Web of Trust by using Monkeysphere

HKPS pool verification

The HKPS pool only include servers that have been certified by the CA, of which the certificate can be found at[OpenPGP signature][CRL]. The fingerprint of this certificate is 79:1B:27:A3:8E:66:7F:80:27:81:4D:4E:68:E7:C4:78:A4:5D:5A:17 and the X509v3 Subject Key Identifier is E4 C3 2A 09 14 67 D8 4D 52 12 4E 93 3C 13 E8 A0 8D DA B6 F3

More detailed information about how to use the HKPS pools is available in the overview of pools page

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